• Sola Cube: Japanese Walnut
  • Sola Cube: Japanese Walnut
  • Sola Cube: Japanese Walnut

Usagi No Nedoko

Sola Cube: Japanese Walnut

$ 45.00


The insides of the hard Japanese walnuts are squirrels and mice’s favorite, which carry the nuts to their dens and store them for food. Most of the nuts would be eaten, but those that are forgotten would germinate in the spring.

Botanical essence

Acrylic resin / dried plant

Size and weight
1.6"  Square, 76 grams 

■About Products
Uniqueness: Packaged plants are all sourced from nature. They vary in sizes, colors and shapes. 
Air bubbles: Each sola cube is carefully hand crafted. During the production process, fine air bubbles or powder like materials may occur inside the cube, however, they are considered not defect.
Cleaning: Please wipe off by soft cloth when cleaning.
Use of chemicals: Fine cracks may occur if cleaned by solutions such as thinner or alcohol.


By observing a small plant carefully, we are able to glimpse a more perfect world.

We express the name “Sola” with the Chinese kanji which means “Universe”

This kanji explains everything we know and don’t know, including time and space, with a single character.

Sola also has another meaning “blue sky”. An imaginary world spreads out like the sky before us.

Temperature: Please avoid the direct sunlight or extremely humid atmosphere. They may cause discoloration or small cracks.


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