North Hollywood Recreation Center is a recreation center located in North Hollywood, California. This is a large facility that has facilities for many activities including basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, volleyball and swimming. The North Hollywood Recreation Center also has an indoor gym where people can play badminton or dodgeball.

North Hollywood Recreation Center offers various programs that operate on different days of the week. Some examples are: Zumba (Mondays), swim lessons (Mondays and Thursdays), water aerobics (Tuesdays and Fridays), Hip Hop/Dance Aerobics (Wednesdays) and adult dance classes such as ballroom dancing (Tuesdays). All these classes require one to pay a fee each time they attend. You can also pay for monthly program memberships.

The North Hollywood Recreation Center also offers classes where children can learn how to play musical instruments like the guitar, keyboard or drums. It has a mini-theater where students can take acting classes taught by experienced instructors. The mini-theater is often used as a gathering place for people who are interested in shows that are being performed outside of the facility. There are over 1,100 parking spaces available at the center.

North Hollywood Recreation Center welcomes visitors and their guests seven days a week but there is an admission fee on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays because these are considered peak hours when many people want to go to the facility.